March 7, 2017

Paul Gauguin by Robert Anderson

By Robert Anderson

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Where Are We Going? 36,37 Winter (Chavannes) 27 WITHDRAWN of this Time Artists in Ws^coyer worics of art that continue to Influence the world we live in. This most new series explores some of the influential artists of our time, in relation to their discussing their work and what was happening around them.

All the while, he painted furiously, producing some of his greatest masterpieces. In July of 1890, shot himself and died two days A TURNING POINT Gauguin did not go he later. to his friend's funeral. the "Studio of the South" artists, was a turning-point in their 'Alas careers. I myself condemned see Gauguin felt even more sure that he needed to get away from France and live and work and alone. Perhaps he also felt partly responsible The savage less myself and understood, to following my I to be less must resign path alone .

29 Escape to the Tropics Gauguin was He was a rising star in the art world. as the leading Symbolist artist (see pages 26-27) and was friendly with many important writers and poets. THE NABIS Nevertheless, Gauguin remained very poor and In won 888, Gauguin taught student 1 Paul Serusier artist how to paint in pages his Synthetist style (see 19). 1 paintings were often 8- still The few people who bought wealthy eccentrics who valued Gauguin's work for its ^ Before he Tahiti, of a cigar Back in Paris, box (below).

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