March 7, 2017

Being Married: Your Guide to a Happy Modern Marriage by Sharon Aris

By Sharon Aris

Useful details and insightful advice receive humorous treatment during this marriage survival consultant that mixes real-life case reviews with the very newest marriage research—from a number of viewpoints. External affects than can impression nuptial happiness, akin to funds, paintings, and kids also are discussed.

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13 But for those taking the plunge again, a lot seems to come down to how they see their first marriages and understanding what went wrong, even seeing the extra experience as a good thing. David, 34, a writer, married to Jennie, 36, an advertising account manager, looks on his previous marriage positively. ‘I by no means look on it as being a negative experience,’ he says. ‘In fact the positives totally outweigh the negatives. ” and try to be really honest about it. ’ Nor was David’s previous marriage a deterrent to Jennie.

It’s as if the movie Murial’s Wedding never happened—there isn’t a hint of irony in the whole place. The closest anyone comes to acknowledging that all might not be bliss after the big day is the purveyor of the Compatibility Blanket, which is split vertically down the middle so that one half is warm and the other cool. It would be so easy to be cynical, watching these determined brides and attendants sally forth in tight wedge formation, if it weren’t for something else. Rising above all the fat is a pure tearsin-your-eyes, choke-in-your-voice hope they all carry that takes my breath away.

It was, for a start, a turbulent courtship with several break-ups. And coming from two very different families—Eleanor is from a very religious Catholic family of six children, while Andrew’s from ‘a family shrub’, his father having three children by three different marriages making ten siblings in total—they didn’t have the same starting point on relationships. Being_married_pages 11/3/05 4:14 PM Page 29 WHY MARRY? 29 ‘I never understood why people got married,’ says Andrew. ’ Four years into his relationship with Eleanor a series of family crises, culminating in the death of Andrew’s father, tipped the balance.

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