March 7, 2017

BASIC KNOTS by Johnson & Johnson

By Johnson & Johnson

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Among 1769 and 1823, less than the management of dad Junípero Serra, the Spanish demonstrated a sequence of missions alongside the California coast. versions of architectural good looks, they stretched from San Diego to north of San Francisco. Artist David Rickman's effectively rendered and well-researched drawings (including numerous double-page spreads) depict all 21 of those admirable buildings, between them San Buenaventura, San José de Guadalupe, Santa Cruz, San Diego de Alcalà, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Clara de Asís, Santa Bàrbara Virgen y Màrtir, Santa Inés Virgen y Màrtir, San Francisco Solano, San Juan Bautista, and San Luis Rey de Francia.

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