March 7, 2017

Autobiography of a Schizophrenic Girl by Marguerite Sechehaye, Grace Rubin-Rabson, Frank Conroy

By Marguerite Sechehaye, Grace Rubin-Rabson, Frank Conroy

The narrator of this publication is termed Renee. Her final identify isn't published, nor are many different conditions of her existence. what's published, even though, is much more odd, way more striking. In ideal, nearly painfully vibrant language, Renee has printed her trip into the depths of schizophrenia, and her step by step go back to sanity. In doing so, she has created a human rfile with no peer within the literature of insanity.

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In these disturbing circumstances I sensed again the atmosphere of unreality. During class, in the quiet of the work period, I heard the street noises— a trolley passing, people talking, a horse neighing, a horn sounding, each detached, immovable, separated from its source, without meaning. Around me, the other children, heads bent over their work, were robots or puppets, moved by an invisible mechanism. On the -29 AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SCHIZOPHRENIC GIRL- platform, the teacher, too, talking, gesticulating, rising to write on the blackboard, was a grotesque jack-in-the-box.

I read them the letters they received and wrote for the little ones. I returned to the valley, physically recovered, but with worse morale. Now I had and annihilate 34 — T HE STORY to reckon with "the Fear" which abruptly overcame me and robbed me of all joy in living. In addition, the difficulty of readjust- ment to family and school life was incredible. Just the same I was a good student. Drawing, sewing and singing remained weak sub- my were in vain, I hardly tried to understand perspective, rhythm, or the placing of fabric; I had com- jects.

With heart empty, despairingly empty, I reach home. There I find a pasteboard house, sisters and brothers robots, the electric light— I am plunged into the nightmare of the needle in the hay. In this aura I make dinner, coach the children in their homework and do my own tasks. Sometimes, thanks to the customary preparations and to the warmth and taste of the joy, so precious the sense of well-being, doled out to me sparingly, stingily, that I do not want to go to bed. food, reality 38- is restored.

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