March 7, 2017

Asian Saga 05 - Noble House by James Clavell

By James Clavell

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Over the huge doorway was the Struan crest the Red Lion of Scotland entwined with the Green Dragon of China. Gathering himself he strode up the broad steps and went in. "Evening, Mr. Dunross," the Chinese concierge said. " The man pressed the elevator button for him. When the elevator stopped, Dunross walked across the small hall, knocked and went into the penthouse living room. "Evening, taipan," he said with cold formality. Alastair Struan was leaning against the fine fireplace. He was a big, ruddy, well-kept Scotsman with a slight paunch and white hair, in his sixties, and he had ruled Struan's for eleven years.

He wore a light tropical suit and a police tie and white shirt, and it was hot within the brightly lit terminal building, the air humid and smell— milling noisy Chinese as always. Men, women, children, babes. An abundance of Cantonese, some Asians, a few Europeans. " One of the information girls was offering him a phone. "It's for you, sir," she said and smiled prettily, white teeth, dark hair, dark sloe eyes, lovely golden skin. "Thanks," he said, noticing that she was Cantonese and new, and did not mind that the reality of her smile was empty, with nothing behind it but a Cantonese obscenity.

He opened the second bottle and poured as he talked. "Well, now it's all yours all the fun and all the sweat. I'm glad to pass everything over to you. " He gave them each a glass and sipped his. " "Yes," Phillip Chen said. Dunross thought Dom Perignon overpriced and overrated and knew the year, '54, was not a particularly good one. But he held his peace. Struan went over to the barometer. 2. "We're in for a bad one. Well, never mind that. Ian, Claudia Chen has a file for you on important matters, and a complete list of our stockholdings with names of the nominees.

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