March 7, 2017

Vanishing Animals by Andy Warhol

By Andy Warhol

Comparable widespread to the Pop maestro's Love sequence, if wildly various in subject material, Vanishing Animals provides the Warhol therapy to not horny younger issues or motion picture stars, yet to even scarcer matters: endangered animals just like the okapi and Galápagos tortoise. (A little recognized truth approximately Warhol is that he used to be deeply fascinated about the plight of endangered species.) those animals, rendered in his sketchy yet definite line drawings, are silkscreened on brilliantly coloured torn paper collages.

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Over recent years, some 400 km of the previously clay highway have been asphalted and every year another 28 km of tar is being laid. Weather conditions subsequently no longer impede cattle transport and soon a journey to Bolivia will be as feasible as a trip to Filadelfia already is. Heavy equipment such as tractors and "rollers" can now be brought in to wreak havoc on the formerly impenetrable bush. Everywhere one sees pillars of smoke from enormous fires made from cut-down brush. The Chaco peccary exists only here in the Chaco which, it seems, will soon vanish.

Supporting this theory are the colored drawings in the French cave of Lascaux dating back to the last ice age (20,000-30,000 years ago) showing animals whose resemblance to Mongolian horses is striking. We also believe that stone-age Europeans captured wild horses for food by driving them over cliffs. But were these horses the ancestors of our current domestic horse? Or were they, as some believe, the now extinct Tarpan, a mouse-gray horse that at one time lived in the large forests of Poland and Russia?

These are some tough questions that need concrete answers. In them you can see the practical foundation of conservation laid bare. But succeed we will, because the zoo community is committed to preserving these beautiful wild horses for all to see and enjoy in the future. 33 American animals, the peccaries do not enjoy the reputation of being particularly beautiful And yet, anyone who has ever encountered the spectacularly colored African red river hog or witnessed a mother warthog being followed through the savannah by her offspring, their tiny tails erect, knows that despite their reputation, pigs can be beautiful.

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