March 8, 2017

An introduction to the theory of field extensions by Samuel Moy

By Samuel Moy

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Again, we deal only with the case of a while-loop. 9 E xam ple. Consider the loop construct while -ife do В od. In Figure 2 the control flow graph and the relations Z , e, and a of the corresponding program, a say, are shown. Assume a postcondition q and let t E (BSxS)VxV be a vector such that t C Z t y a q y ZL. , predicates on states. Using the concrete forms of the relations Z , e and a as given in Figure 2, the inclusion t C Z t y a q y Z L is equivalent to the following three conditions: (у V b) A (z V b) C x Bx A BL С у q C z.

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