March 8, 2017

AH-1 Cobra in action by Wayne Mutza, Ernesto Cumpian, Don Greer

By Wayne Mutza, Ernesto Cumpian, Don Greer

''''''AH-1 Cobra In motion

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US Navy F-4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1965-1970

For each American fighter pilot occupied with the Vietnam struggle, the final word aim was once to 'kill a MiG'. In 8 years of clash forty three Vietnamese Peoples Air strength plane have been claimed by way of US military and US Marine Corps Phantom II crews, and one unmarried ace group produced. military Phantom IIs scored the 1st kills of the Vietnam warfare, in April 1965, in addition to scoring the final in January 1973.

Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965 (v. 1

I've got learn perhaps a hundred books at the Vietnam struggle. A veteran of the struggle (69-70) albeit within the air strength, I had no dragons to slay. It simply occurred to be the place I grew up and that i desired to recognize and realize it. formerly, I had idea Prochnaus's "Once Upon battle" used to be the penultimate VN e-book. This takes that, and each ebook i have ever learn by way of reporters (Halberstram, Sheehan et al ) and turns them the other way up.

Funding Extended Conflicts: Korea, Vietnam, and the War on Terror

One element of struggle is usually ignored: how a lot do they price and the way are they funded. investment prolonged Conflicts develops a baseline on Federal spending for the 2 prolonged conflicts of the chilly battle period, Korea and Vietnam, and compares them with the worldwide conflict on terror, together with present outlays for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vietnam 1965-73

The Vietnam conflict positioned unforeseen calls for upon American army forces and gear. The significant US naval fighter, the McDonnell F-4 Phantom, had initially been designed to protect the Fleet from air assault at lengthy diversity. even though, its great strength and bomb-carrying capability made it an visible candidate for the assault undertaking in Vietnam from 1965 onwards.

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Inside his cockpit, Jim wondered what kind of circus he’d joined. While frenzied men aboard the ships had reported wakes, searchlights, muzzle flashes, torpedoes, and enemy boats, Jim had seen absolutely nothing. Perhaps unbeknown to the crew, the peculiar atmospheric conditions over the gulf were capable of causing false radar contacts, and the stormy murkiness of that August night—a radarman aboard USS Maddox called the night “darker than the hubs of hell”—had added to the confusion. Exhausted, irritated, and low on fuel, Jim winged home to Ticonderoga.

Invictus,” William Ernest Henley PROLOGUE A DARK PLACE He could not forget the beetle, how it stopped moving, how it rolled onto its back, dead, its stiff legs pointed to the plaster ceiling, where a single burning bulb and a meat hook hung. By now, he knew the hook wasn’t intended for meat. Instead, it gave leverage to the ropes that forced him to talk, to sign confessions, to compromise the Code. Some of the ants crawling across his own beaten and prostrate body soon began marching down to the floor and toward the dead beetle.

S. involvement in Vietnam. Even as uncertain and conflicting accounts of what had transpired two nights later arrived in Washington, President Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara decided to retaliate for what they considered two North Vietnamese provocations: one on August 2 and one on August 4. In their living rooms, thirteen hours after the second incident, Americans watched their president condemn the attacks and announce the nation’s response. “[America’s] reply,” he said, “is being given as I speak to you tonight.

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