March 7, 2017

After the Planners by Robert Goodman

By Robert Goodman

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6 The next day Nixon held his famous press conference at which he discussed the October 15 Vietnam Peace Mora­ torium. “Under no circumstances,” he told the press, would he be affected by the demonstrations. This attitude of condescending “communication,” of “keeping the channels open,” has become the mainstay of the institutions which now rule our society. The growth of what is popularly called "the Movement” is to a large ex­ tent a reaction against the bureaucratic and centralized control of these institutions—a control which, as I will at­ tempt to show, is maintained by so-called “progressive” city-planning techniques.

The implications of this development have already been seen in the case of Liverpool. The new planning professional, too, has effectively disqualified himself from any direct responsibility for his role in the wider political economy. In adopting a problem-solving stance professionally, he is free to maintain his neutrality and at the same time deal with those issues which the consensus identifies as 'problems’. These have to be easily identifiable, and open to 'feas­ ible’ solutions. If the planner strays far outside this brief, he invites conflict and calls his own neutrality into question.

I, pp. 70-71. 38 INTRODUCTION TO THE BRITISH EDITION If technological progress is going to create new markets, new demand-patterns and new techniques of production and distribution, it is also going to lead to new divisions of labour, and new patterns of social dependency. Yet this produces an inconsistency for the system. Continuous growth implies bigger markets for consumption, or increased rates of consump­ tion for the goods and services produced. There are, however, not only residual pockets of low-consumption potential (poverty) from the past, but fresh pockets being created in the present.

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