March 7, 2017

Adventure in Rio: Elementary Level by John Milne

By John Milne

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They won't believe a story about a rich man who keeps prisoners on an island. But I've thought of a plan. 'These little islands are often used by drug smugglers,' she went on. ' asked Neil. 'When I followed the Oil King to Lurcher's island, I saw another yacht there,' Miriam replied. 'My father is a lawyer and I often go to the law court with him. I've seen the owner of that other yacht in the court. He has had to answer questions in the court - questions about smuggling drugs! ' 'The police will listen to that story,' said Russell.

T h e n I saw a short, fat man with a panama hat go into the café. He spoke to the waiter. ' 'Perhaps it was the man called Pete,' said Neil. 'I saw him in Brighton with Lurcher. He was short and fat. ' 'I followed this man back down in the cable-car,' Miriam went on. 'He took a taxi to the marina in Gloria Bay. He got onto a yacht called the Oil King. There was a man on the deck of the yacht. ' 'That was Lurcher for sure,' said Neil. ' asked Russell. 'The yacht started to leave the marina,' said Miriam.

That was Lurcher for sure,' said Neil. ' asked Russell. 'The yacht started to leave the marina,' said Miriam. 'But I was lucky. I saw a friend of mine at the marina. She has a power-boat. I asked her if I could borrow it. ' asked Russell. 'No,' replied Miriam. 'There are hundreds of yachts and boats in the Bay. I followed the Oil King to a private island. There are many small private islands between Rio and Niteroi. ' She spread a map out on the table. 'There is a small island here,' Miriam said.

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