March 7, 2017

A Pictorial History of Western Art by Erwin Christensen

By Erwin Christensen

Attractive western pictures, with background

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A Realist Theory of Art History

Because the theoretical alignments inside of academia shift, this booklet introduces a shocking number of realism to abolish the previous positivist-theory dichotomy that has haunted artwork historical past. not easy frankly the referential detachment of the items lower than research, the e-book proposes a stratified, multi-causal account of paintings heritage that addresses postmodern issues whereas saving it from its blunders of self-refutation.

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Ivory and engraving on metal were old established Phoenician crafts, and craftsmanship rather than originality seems to characterize Phoenician art, which was a conglomerate style fusing many bor- A 36 ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN ART 37 rowed motifs. Sumerian and Egyptian documents pointing to the invention of writing are older than Phoenician ones, and Egypt rather than Phoenicia made the Guardian The lions lion from on the citadel gates, left (c. North Syria (III. glass. 22) formed part of the gate the right (c.

17], tall, slender, and thin-waisted, have a proud bearing unlike the stiffly devout statues of Gudea and are curls. more akin to the Egyptians of the tomb paintings. The character of a people reveals itself in its art, and Cretan art suggests a life of ease, of comfort and peace. The crafts, : ///. in. c. 1500 [Fig. C. H. 6 1/2 Museum ceramics [111. 37], and metalwork to our appreciation of Cretan art. Decoration from a burial jar (III. add much 33) Decorations on pottery show a development from a geometric linear style in the Early Minoan period (c.

Baltimore (1958) Prehistoric vase from Susa (III. 29) Persian art on a major scale did not appear until empire, but folk art produced superior painted pottery d ing the fifth millennium. Animal forms are highly styliz in this vase. What appears to be a delicate border of an sentially linear character is accomplished by the extend necks of birds. The bold curves of the main body are n< abstractions of the mountain goat, and the upper border based on a motif in which the bodies of hounds are s 1 recognizable.

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