March 7, 2017

A Pictorial History Of The Brown Water War In Vietnam by Riverine

By Riverine

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US Navy F-4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1965-1970

For each American fighter pilot occupied with the Vietnam struggle, the final word target was once to 'kill a MiG'. In 8 years of clash forty three Vietnamese Peoples Air strength airplane have been claimed via US military and US Marine Corps Phantom II crews, and one unmarried ace group produced. military Phantom IIs scored the 1st kills of the Vietnam struggle, in April 1965, in addition to scoring the final in January 1973.

Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965 (v. 1

I've got learn probably a hundred books at the Vietnam conflict. A veteran of the conflict (69-70) albeit within the air strength, I had no dragons to slay. It simply occurred to be the place I grew up and that i desired to be aware of and know it. formerly, I had proposal Prochnaus's "Once Upon a far off warfare" used to be the penultimate VN e-book. This takes that, and each ebook i have ever learn through newshounds (Halberstram, Sheehan et al ) and turns them the wrong way up.

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One element of battle is frequently neglected: how a lot do they price and the way are they funded. investment prolonged Conflicts develops a baseline on Federal spending for the 2 prolonged conflicts of the chilly struggle period, Korea and Vietnam, and compares them with the worldwide warfare on terror, together with present outlays for Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The Vietnam warfare positioned unforeseen calls for upon American army forces and kit. The vital US naval fighter, the McDonnell F-4 Phantom, had initially been designed to safeguard the Fleet from air assault at lengthy diversity. notwithstanding, its great strength and bomb-carrying means made it an seen candidate for the assault undertaking in Vietnam from 1965 onwards.

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We clambered out to find ourselves in one of a series of dry paddy fields about fifty by fifty metres with a raised bund of about knee height dividing them. All very dry and exposed but with a picture book village, complete with temple and surrounded by tall bamboo a few hundred meters away. This was reinforced when a couple of shots went over our heads and two columns of men in black suits started running out towards us from the village. The next thing I saw was Healy who had raced back into the helicopter and unscrewed, or tore out, the machine gun mounted in its waist.

Many were excellent and had plenty of combat experience. Some were posted to Hiep Khanh after convalescing from wounds received on operations. ) On arrival we were placed with our US allies in the various committees. I do not wish to be critical of them, as it transpired that they had little training or warning before being sent to South Viet Nam to do the advisory job. Their attitudes and opinions of all things Vietnamese and French were derogatory. Our arrival actually coincided with the last week of the 12-week training cycle, which was the preparation, rehearsing for an elaborate series of displays, including fire power and battle assault courses and a formal graduation parade.

Twenty Civil Guard companies had been trained at the centre during AATTV’s period there. QX5 19/7/05 2:04 PM Page 43 Bookhouse DOOM AND GLOOM 43 In 1964 when Australia Day was coming up we talked to the Yanks about a mixed grill and they had no idea what we were talking about. So we decided that for Australia Day we would have a mixed grill and we sent a young captain, a captain for goodness sake, all the way to Hong Kong. And his job was to get a whole heap of Kangaroo Tail soup and as much Australian beer as he could find.

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