March 7, 2017

A Monograph of the Ithomiidae Lepidoptera Volume 111: by Richard M. . Fox

By Richard M. . Fox

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122. WEYMER, 1890, pp. 15, 33. HAENSCH, 1903, p. 159; 1909, p. 118, pl. 32a. FASSL, 1915, p. 10. KREMKY, 1956 FOX: ITHOMIIDAE 1925, p. 234, figs. 122, 123. RILEY AND GABRIEL, 1925, p. 16. BRYK, 1937b, p. 456. Patricia dercyllidas, Fox, 1940, pp. 177, 178, figs. 43, 44; 1948, p. 132. The type is a female from "Bogota" numbered 6924 in the British Museum (Natural History). Six males and 12 females from American collections have been examined. Patricia dercyllidas hazelea, new subspecies Plate 2, figure 3 F.

The color along the anal margin in other Olyras species actually is composed of two elements united, one of which, the anterior, is wanting in theon. The dorsal thoracic VOL. III spots are yellow, not white as in other Olyras species. The fold of the sacculus of the male valve (fig. 51) forms a very short, upturned hook at the apex; the costal margin is deeply sinuous, being concave next to the articulating margin, then recurving to form a rounded apex, beyond which there is a small flat tooth on the inner face of the valve.

248. Hewitson placed the first known of the species in Dircenna, and Kirby moved it to Athesis. The consequent generic structure of Athesis was not questioned until both Forbes and Fox independently reached the conclu- 1956 35 FOX: ITHOMIIDAE sion that dercyllidas and allies should form a separate genus. That the species belonging in Patricia have a distant relationship with Athesis is suggested by nearly every feature. Palpus (fig. 39) has the first joint closely appressed to the head and deeply curved.

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