March 7, 2017

500 Years of Illustration: From Albrecht Durer to Rockwell by Howard Simon

By Howard Simon

For operating artists and scholars alike, this is often an unequalled treasury of the equipment, suggestions, and examples of significant illustrators from the sunrise of printing to the 20 th century. that includes works by means of Goya, Hogarth, Dürer, Morris, Doré, Beardsley, and others, it serves as a reference in addition to a pleasant looking e-book.

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Christ Taking Leave of His Mother’, woodcut from The Small Passion ALBRECHT DÜRER. ‘The Man of Sorrows’, woodcut from the title page of The Small Passion HANS HOLBEIN THE YOUNGER 1497-1543 FIRE, the carelessness of succeeding generations, the heavy hand of time: all these played their part in the destruction of Holbein’s works. But enough remains from the hand of this prodigious worker to assure him a place in the first rank among the masters of illustration. There was no form of graphic or decorative art that was foreign to him.

Annunciation’ Woodcut, Sixteenth Century LUCAS CRANACH THE ELDER. ‘Christ and the Samaritan’ Woodcut LUCAS VAN LEYDEN. ‘Ahab and Isabel’ Woodcut, Sixteenth Century, Dutch School ANTON VON WORMS. ‘The Holy Family’ Woodcut, Sixteenth Century, Dutch School LUCAS CRANACH THE ELDER. Three Plates HEINRICH ALDEGREVER. ‘Potiphar’s Wife Accuses Joseph’, Woodcut ALBRECHT ALTDORFER. ‘St. Jerome in His Cave’ Woodcut, Sixteenth Century HANS BALDUNG. ‘St. Elizabeth’ Woodcut BERNARD SALOMON. ‘The Fall of Eve’ Woodcut, Sixteenth Century, French School BERNARD SALOMON.

His woodcuts harmonize perfectly with type which more often than not was cut by the artist also. To him is attributed the invention of etching; and if he was not the inventor, he was the first who excelled in the art. He also invented the method of printing woodcuts in chiaroscuro, or with two blocks. His great mathematical knowledge enabled him to form a regular system of rules for drawing with geometrical precision. Dürer engraved both on wood and copper. Among his most celebrated copper-plates are “Fortune”, “Melancholy”, “Adam and Eve in Paradise”, “St.

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